What's New With Helm

April 2021

Intro - Kelvin

In the April 2021 instalment of the What's New With Helm webinar series we introduced two new team members and walked through some of Helm's unique cash flow forecasting features. We also had a lot of fun doing it!

Watch the full webinar above, or scroll down to watch snippets of each topic we covered. Want to learn even more about Helm?

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Intro - Kelvin

Kelvin Gieck, Co-founder

Kelvin quickly covers Helm's backstory: how it was born out of an accounting and bookkeeping firm's pain points.

Intro - Selina

Selina Renfrow, Customer Advocate

Selina discusses why she joined Helm and what the customer advocate role means to her.

Intro - Nick

Nicholas Van Velzen, Account Manager

Nicholas talks about the desire to join a passionate team and why Helm was such an easy choice.

Product Features

Single Click Forecasting

Single Click Forecasting

With Helm you can create a cash flow forecast in a single click. We scan your accounting records and help create your forecast framework.

Calendar Timing

Calendar Timing

Create precision timing for your cash flow forecast estimates using a calendar. We show you how to get more creative and also use it to create complex modelling like seasonality.

Veem Integration

Veem Integration

You can make payments directly from Helm using our integration with Veem. It's extremely powerful yet simple to use.

Xero Sync

Xero Two Way Sync

For our partners that use Xero you can sync Helm's timing to your expected and scheduled payment dates within Xero.



Live Q&A

We had some great questions during the Q&A. Does the Veem integration automatically reconcile? Can Helm calculate average collection times?

Horse Sized Duck

Horse Sized Duck?

Kelvin puts Selina and Nicholas on the spot with some random questions. Would they rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?