Webinar - April 2021

Kickstart Your Cash Management

Kickstart 202104 - Full

In this webinar the Helm team walks through:

  • What cash management is
  • Why it's important to small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers
  • What traditional cash management workflows can look like and how inefficient they can be
  • How Helm can greatly improve cash management workflows

Please feel free to watch the full webinar above, or scroll down to watch snippets of each topic we covered. Want to learn even more about Helm?

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Kickstart 202104 - Introductions

Our Origin Story

Kelvin quickly covers Helm's backstory: how it was born out of an accounting and bookkeeping firm's pain points.

Core Content

Kickstart 202104 - What Is Cash Management

What Is Cash Management?

Here we walk through the definition of cash management and break it out into different components.

Kickstart 202104 - Why Is Cash Management Important

Why Is Cash Management Important?

We walk through the main reasons that cash management is important. Both from a professional's standpoint, as well as that of a small business.

Kickstart 202104 - Traditional Cash Management Example

Traditional Cash Management

In this video we walk through a traditional, and inefficient, cash management example: creating a cash flow forecast, then paying bills.

Kickstart 202104 - How Helm + Veem Makes It Better-1

Helm + Veem

The Helm team walks through their Veem integration and highlights just how much time and effort it can save in managing cash.


Kickstart 202104 - Live QA

Live Q&A

We had some great questions during the Q&A. How much can professional charge for cash management? Does Helm integrate with Plooto?

Kickstart 202104 - Poll - How Many Are Providing The Service

Poll - How Many Professionals Are Providing This Service?

We polled our attendees to see how many were providing cash management services to their clients.

Kickstart 202104 - Poll - How Many Have Asked Their Clients

Poll - How Many Professionals Have Asked Their Clients?

We also polled our attendees to see how many have asked their clients if they would want cash management services.