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Improve Your Cash Flow Forecasting Services

Watch this 3 part pre-recorded webinar series at your own pace. 

Hosted by one of Helm's founders, Kelvin Gieck, you will learn:

  • How Spreadsheets Lose You Money
  • How To Successfully Forecast With Apps
  • How Others Have Had Success  - Featuring Upfront Consulting

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What You'll Learn

Part 1: How Spreadsheets Lose You Money

Spreadsheets aren't actually the "easiest way" to cash flow forecast. Learn their limitations in when cash flow forecasting and what you should be considering.

Implementation Plan

Part 2: How To Successfully Forecast With Apps

Integrated and automated systems provide a lot of benefits in cash flow forecasting. But what should you be looking for in an app and what should they features do you really need?

Online Community

Part 3: Helm Success Story With Upfront Consulting

Listen to the success story of Michael Braun, a Helm power user. Glean insights from his experiences that you can use in your own practice.


Expert Coaches