Accelerator Program Webinar - June 2021

How To Design, Deliver And Grow Cash Flow Services

APP - June 2021

As accountants and bookkeepers you know that cash flow forecasting and cash management are key offerings small businesses want. Study after study highlights this.

But how, exactly, do you offer and implement these services? And once your are offering them, how can you scale them?

These are common questions and are exactly why we created Helm's Accelerator Program for Professionals.

This 60 minute webinar covers key learnings from one of our founders as well as an overview of the Accelerator Program framework.

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Introductions & Interview

APP - June 2021 - Intro



The Helm team quickly gives a rundown of who they are, what they are amazing at (everything cash flow!) and what their favourite sandwiches are.

Anyone else like Cubanos?

APP - June 2021 - Interview


Interview With Our Co-founder

Selina goes through an interview with Kelvin, one of Helm's co-founders. He talks about his cash flow advisory journey, what he learned, where he failed, where he succeeded and how this helps form the foundation of the Accelerator Program.

Accelerator Overview

APP - June 2021 - APP Implementation


Implementation Plan

Selina covers one of the pillars of the Accelerator Program, which is a tailored implementation plan. We consider where you are at, where you want to go and actually assist getting you there quicker (prime example being help with onboarding clients).

APP - June 2021 - APP Education


Education Courses

The Helm team covers another key pillar of the Accelerator Program: ongoing education. We have built self paced courses that show you exactly what cash flow is and how to do cash flow advisory. We also supplement this learning with templates, checklists and workflows.

APP - June 2021 - APP Coaching


Ongoing Coaching

Selina talks about another key pillar of the Accelerator Program: ongoing coaching. The Helm team will help keep you accountable to your learning plan, and when you’re unsure if you’re doing things right, we’re there to help. 

APP - June 2021 - APP Pricing



Kelvin touches on the pricing of the Accelerator Program and why we are offering it for free right now (yes you read that right) to professionals who sign up for Helm subscriptions. It truly is a win-win-win situation.

APP - June 2021 - APP Questions


Common Questions

Selina walks through answers to some of the more common questions we get around the Accelerator Program.


APP - June 2021 - QA


Live Q&A

We had some great questions during the Q&A. What is our near term future roadmap? What other tools do we use in our advisory practice?

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