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The Indispensable Advisor: Transitioning from once-a-year tax projects to outsourced financial controllership


Why Outsourced Controllership?

The average bank buffer for most businesses in the US was 27 days pre-COVID. That means if revenue stopped, they only had a month to live.

Proper payables management is core to any well run business and a key component of financial management. That's why big companies have controllers!

But what about businesses that can’t afford to have in-house controllers? What can you, their advisor, do to help?

That's where YOU come in!

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Taking the Next Step

In this guide, Kelvin Gieck CFA, will share with you a proven roadmap from his own advisory firm, Twenty Eighty, for moving from once-a-year tax projects, to ongoing tax planning, cash planning and ultimately outsourced controllership.

Making this transition can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. By gradually transitioning through this 3-step roadmap, you can help your clients to clearly see the benefits and value of what you’re providing, whilst charging higher fees and creating more consistent monthly revenue. 

Kelvin Gieck CFA

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The 3-step roadmap for transitioning from once a year tax work to outsourced controllership services
  • Why tax season - is the perfect time to kick this journey off with some hands-on tax and cash planning 
  • How tools like Veem & Helm can make offering outsourced controllership services simple and straightforward for you (and your clients!)

If you want to build a more hands-on relationship with your clients and become their ‘indispensable advisor’ then download the guide now!

Become Indispensable: Access the Guide Today!