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We understand the challenges of getting paid and paying bills on time. Helm's short-term cash flow tool makes it simple for you to manage your income and expenses all in one place.

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small business owner cash flow forecasting

Short-term forecasting & budgets for businesses that want better visibility

Helm makes it easy to see your future cash position, income, and expenses; and, to create forecasts and budgets - all in one place - so you can focus on running your business.


Spend more time running your business

And less time worrying about cash flow knowing exactly how much cash you'll have with automated short-term cash flow forecasting.

Automated cash flow forecasting

Know your future cash balance to the day

Helm predicts future receipts and payments using realistic assumptions from your previous accounting data allowing you to make important decisions.


Predict your bank balance with short term cash flow

Easily understand what your forecast is saying

Don't get lost in the numbers. Visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop displays so that you can use Helm on your terms and quickly make decisions based on the data.

Drag and drop cash flow forecast

Test different scenarios for peace of mind all-round

Quickly and easily create unlimited scenarios so that you can understand what will happen if things do or don't go to plan.


Scenario forecasting

See your business' health at a glance

With Helm's Healthscore Dashboard, you can see key financial metrics at glance and get immediate feedback, so you can proactively make adjustments. 

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Integrates seamlessly with your accounting software

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Built for industries that struggle with project-billing, upfront purchases and late receivables

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Creative agencies

Project billing can make it difficult to know whether you'll have the cash to hire new staff or buy new equipment.

Discover Helm for creative agencies

construction firm owner (1)

Construction firms

Spending cash upfront for materials and not sure when payments for completed jobs will come through?

Discover Helm for construction firms

lawyer (1)

Law firms

Lumpy billing can cause uncertainty when planning for partners' drawings and unexpected expenses.

Discover Helm for law firms

Start forecasting today and know what will be in your bank tomorrow.

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