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We Show You Exactly How To Design, Deliver And Grow Cash Flow Advisory Services

Cash flow advisory services, like cash flow forecasting and cash management, are extremely valuable to your clients and always in high demand. Helm's Professional Accelerator Program will teach you exactly how to tap into this market. No more wondering what you should do, how you can start or wasting time figuring it out.

Get The Helm Playbook

Our team has real-world expertise delivering cash flow advisory to small businesses. We are unpacking this invaluable experience in an easy-to-follow, interactive guide and learning plan you can access at any time.

Access Helm's online playbook for offering cash flow advisory.

Get A Custom Implementation Plan

Our playbook shows you exactly how to build and deliver cash flow forecasting and cash management services. We can tailor this plan directly to you and your client base. Take the guesswork out of how to best offer these high-demand services.

We will tailor a cash flow advisory implementation plan to your specific needs.

Get Onboarding Assistance

Need help rolling out cash flow forecasting and cash management services? We can help you onboard and create cash flow forecasts for your clients. Hit the ground running and get instant value.

Our team can help you onboard clients for cash flow advisory services.


Helm's Accelerator Program will take your firm's cash flow advisory to the next level.


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We Provide All The Ongoing Support And Tools You Need 

Cash flow advisory doesn't stop. It is ongoing and needs active involvement. Helm's Accelerator Program is built to offer support to meet these ongoing needs.

Join A Growing Community

Connect with like-minded, cash flow focussed professionals in a dedicated setting. Share ideas and experiences, and grow from the collective knowledge.

Online Community

Gain Access To Continuing Education

We are collaborating with industry experts and are continually building out the self-serve education available in the Accelerator Program. Continue to grow your cash flow expertise and knowledge over time!

Gain access to Helm's growing continuing education resources.

Ask Our Expert Coaches

Run into a unique situation? Want some additional ideas on how to potentially handle it? You can access our expert team to help get a resolution to any cash flow questions.

Speak with our expert team about cash flow situations you have questions about.

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Helm's Accelerator Program provides every tool you need for cash flow advisory success. Both now and in the future.


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