Short-term cash flow forecasting for law firms

Take control of your lumpy billing and predict your future bank balance to make important business decisions. Understand the impact of late payments or expenses in seconds.

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cash flow forecasting for law firms

Find answers to these important questions in your law firm

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"What happens if these key clients don't pay on time?"

Easily adjust the expected due dates of expected payments to see the impact they will have on your cash balance.

Question (2)

"What impact does that unexpected expense have on our partner draws?"

Create different scenarios in just a few clicks to see the impact that unexpected expenses can have on your cash flow.

Question (2)

"Can we afford to forgo an upfront retainer to get this work?"

Upfront payments might give you discounts but what impact do they have? Compare both options in Helm in seconds.

Interested to see how Helm can help you to find answers to these questions in your law firm?

How Helm helps you to run your law firm with more confidence

Lumpy billing can cause a lot of uncertainty. Helm helps you to find answers to important questions, giving you the confidence to make key business decisions. 


Accurate predictions based on previous payment histories

Helm predicts future receipts and payments using assumptions from your previous accounting data allowing you to make important decisions.


Predict your bank balance with short term cash flow

Visual forecasts that make it quick and easy for you to understand

Don't get lost in clunky spreadsheets. Visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop displays so that you can use Helm on your terms and quickly make decisions based on the data.

Drag and drop cash flow forecast

Test different scenarios to answer key questions

Easily test different scenarios in just a few clicks for possible late payments, unexpected expenses and more. 


Scenario forecasting

See your business' health at a glance

With Helm's Healthscore Dashboard, you can see key financial metrics at glance and get immediate feedback, so you can proactively make adjustments. 

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Integrates seamlessly with your accounting software

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Start forecasting today and know what will be in your bank tomorrow.