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Helm + Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Helm provides you with the numbers you need in real-time so you can make quick and confident business decisions, without spending hours creating budgets and forecasts in spreadsheets.

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What are the benefits of Helm & Sage Business Cloud Accounting Integration?

No more manual data entry

Helm automatically syncs with Sage. That means no more hunting for numbers in spreadsheets, and more time running your business knowing exactly where you're at and where you're going!

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Planning accurate to the day 

Eliminate uncertainty and second-guessing when it comes to paying bills or managing bank accounts - With data pulled directly from Sage Helm lets you see and plan your cash position down to the day.


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Scenario planning for every 'what-if'

How will inflation affect my costs? Can I afford to hire next quarter? What if I need to unexpectedly replace equipment? Is my team ready for this project? Test it all in Helm. 

Quickly and easily create unlimited scenarios so that you can understand what will happen if things do - or don't - go to plan.

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Manage your cash in one place

Track bank balances, loans, receivables and payables all within Helm.  

Plus make payments directly from Helm with Veem integration. 

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Data that makes sense

Don't waste time on numbers that don't matter. Analyze data on your terms and quickly make decisions. Helm's visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop displays help you quickly determine where your business is and where it's headed. 

Visual and intuitive cash flow forecast

Automate your forecasting

Detailed short-term cash flow insights in seconds for your business or clients with Helm + Sage Accounting integration.

How to get started with Helm & Sage Accounting 


Step 1 - Set up a Helm account

Sign up for a free 15-day trial of Helm

Connect to Sage integration

Step 2 - Connect to Sage

Sign into sage to sync with Helm

forecasting rules

Step 3 - Start planning

Helm automatically creates your first forecast, from there you are free to tailor, plan and test as much as you like!

Integrate Helm + Sage today

Start a 15 day free trial of Helm and make confident business decisions with easy cash planning 

About Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting is software for managing your business’s accounting. It allows you to quickly and easily create and track invoices, track cash flow, accept payments, record transactions, automate admin, capture expenses, and much more.

Sage Accounting is designed for small business owners (supports unlimited users) and sole traders (with or without staff) operating in any industry – from professional services to construction to retail.

Please note - this integration currently only works with Sage Accounting UK. We are working on an integration for Sage in North America shortly.

Make confident business decisions with easy cash planning 

Start a free 15-day trial of Helm today and create your first forecast in seconds.

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