Here's a scary stat...

Over a 10 year trajectory, 60-70% of all small businesses fail.

Lack of cash, lack of planning, and lack of skills & experience are the key points of failure.

But it’s not all doom and gloom - because you, their advisor, are perfectly placed to help them with all of these things…

You’re just not sure how.

Maybe you’ve had clients coming to you asking if they’re able to hire another team member, pay off that debt, or invest in expanding their business, and you weren’t sure how to help or passed it off to somebody else?

Maybe you already know that cash flow forecasting is what your clients need, but the spreadsheets you spend hours building and maintaining just don’t seem to resonate with them?

Or maybe you’ve not had these conversations with clients, yet. But, you can see their struggles or have noticed missed opportunities. Heck, maybe you’ve made some suggestions to improve, but they dismiss you because they can't see how it would make a difference?

This is why Cash Flow Advisory Services can be so valuable.

It’s not only your way to prove the stats wrong and help your small business clients to succeed, but an opportunity to move into a role that renders you indispensable to your clients.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with not offering these services, at all.

There’s no risk of being “left behind” or any of the other fearmongering that you might hear in the industry.

It’s completely your choice.

But every choice presents an opportunity, should you choose it.

An opportunity to do something more.

An opportunity to escape downward pressure on fees and commoditization of services, and break the business cycle you’re currently trapped in where you keep having to work harder and harder to grow the business and find the work-life balance you want to achieve.

An opportunity to provide something that’s high-value, high-fee, and high-impact…

That's why we created the Cash Flow Advisory Accelerator

To help you create a high-fee, high-value service that will help you shape the future of your clients’ businesses whilst escaping the compliance grind. We provide you with the training, skills, tools, and an immersive environment that helps you to succeed.

What is it?

It's a monthly coaching & training programme consisting of training, resources, coaching and community designed to help you do one thing: implement a successfull cash flow advisory service. 

Why does it exist?

To give you a clear roadmap to follow to move from foundational compliance services to fully outsourced financial controller services - like cash flow advisory! It’s the same roadmap I followed in my own firm Twenty Eighty, but more on that below…

Who is it for?

For accountants, tax preparers, business advisors and bookkeepers that want to make a bigger impact in your clients’ businesses. It’s for cash flow newbies and seasoned forecasters alike. It can even work for in-house CFOs, controllers and accountants that want to get better at doing that they do.

Where does it happen?

It's an online programme that can be accessed any time, any place, any device. All you need is an internet connection. You can choose to access it in the office, or at home, or on the road. The training can be accessed on-demand but the accountability and coaching calls take place live.

When does it start?

It runs all year round and has an ongoing enrollment via application only. We limit spaces each month to ensure that all of our enrolled members get the right amount of support that they need. You can find out how to apply further down this page. But first, let me introduce myself properly…

Hi, I’m Kelvin Gieck, CFA 👋

After holding several CFO level positions with small, private oil, gas, and energy-related entities, I set up Twenty Eighty, a top cloud accounting firm in Western Canada, specialising in part-time controller and fractional CFO services.

After months of wasting hours pulling together manual spreadsheets, I realised there was a gap in the market for a quick and simple short-term cash flow forecasting tool that allowed me to help my clients to make those all-important business decisions - and so Helm was born.

This accelerator programme was designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and support that you need to be able to take Helm and build, scale, and deliver a high-fee, high-value cash flow advisory service that makes you indispensable to your clients. It’s the exact playbook I’ve been using in my own firm and I’m sharing it with you here.

Kelvin Gieck CFA

We Show You Exactly How To Design, Deliver And Grow Cash Flow Advisory Services

During the programme, we’ll work through the same playbook I used in my fim to design, deliver and scale cash flow advisory services to my clients.


How does the programme get you results?

This programme isn’t do–it-yourself. We’ve combined proven knowledge with expert support, and simple tools to help you implement and get results even faster!


Follow a proven playbook

Our team has real-world expertise delivering cash flow advisory to small businesses. We are unpacking this invaluable experience in an easy-to-follow, interactive guide and learning plan you can access at any time.


On-demand education, training, resources

We are collaborating with industry experts and are continually building out the self-serve education available in the Accelerator Program. Continue to grow your cash flow expertise and knowledge over time with training, and implement even faster with our resources.


Custom implementation Plan

Our playbook shows you exactly how to build and deliver cash flow forecasting and cash management services. We can tailor this plan directly to you and your client base, allowing you to take the guesswork out of how to offer these high-demand services.


Onboarding support

Need help rolling out cash flow forecasting and cash management services? We can help you onboard and create cash flow forecasts for your clients. Hit the ground running and get instant value.


Expert coaching & accountability

Run into a unique situation? Want some additional ideas on how to potentially handle it? You can access our expert team to help get answers to any cash flow questions as well as regular accountability to make sure you’re implementing what you need to.



Connect with like-minded, cash flow focussed professionals in a dedicated setting. Share ideas and experiences, and grow from the collective knowledge. Hold each other accountable as you progress through your cash flow advisory journey.

Access to Helm

In order to deliver your cash flow services, you need a tool that’s simple to use, quick to set-up, and easy to understand for your clients. That’s exactly why we built Helm. It’s the tool we use in our firm with our clients, and you’ll have access to it to!

Group 22

Apply to join the Cash Flow Advisory Accelerator

To ensure the success of our members and to make sure we have adequate coaching, and support resources available, the Accelerator is application only and limited to 5 new spaces each month.

This allows us to spend some with our new members working on their customer implementation plan, and providing the onboarding support they need to get moving, fast!

Some of our current and past members are currently selling Cash Flow Advisory services for at least $1000 per month, per client, with the majority of them managing these services for anywhere from 3-10 clients at a time.

The cost of using Helm to manage short-term cash flow forecasts for 1 client would be $49 per month. If your application is successful, this is included free of charge as part of your place on the accelerator programme.

Here’s everything you’ll get if you join:

  • A proven playbook for generating anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month in cash flow advisory and outsourced controller services
  • A custom implementation plan and onboarding support to help you set your services up and roll them out to your first few clients
  • On-demand education, training, and resources you and your team can access at any time to increase your cash flow advisory knowledge
  • Expert coaching & accountability from Kelvin, the Helm team, and your peers as part of the Cash Flow Advisory Accelerator community
  • Access to Helm’s cash flow forecasting software valued at $49 per month
The investment to join the accelerator is $1000 per month. To ensure your success, and so that we can focus our time coaching and training people that want to make an impact, there is a 6 month minimum commitment.


Apply to join the Cash Flow Advisory Accelerator now

Here’s how the application process works

Start here

Step 1

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Step 2

Select a time for your ‘discovery meeting’

In this call, we’ll discuss your application and answer any questions that you have for us about how the accelerator works.

Step 2

Step 3

Complete the application form questions

Step 4

Once we have held your discovery meeting, we'll let you know if your application has been successful.

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Step 5

Book your kick-off meeting and complete your assessment readiness questionnaire

You're in!

Your Cash Flow Advisory journey is officially underway!


Apply to join!

And start your journey towards becoming a certified Cash Flow Advisor.


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