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Why Helm?

We believe that delivering a platform that can truly make a significant shift in the way people do business starts with the people. People who genuinely enjoy working together, collaborating, and pushing the limits. Our team isn’t afraid to dream big and have fun doing it!

Current Job Openings

Alberta, Canada (Hybrid)

Meet our Founders:

Helm's founders have an extensive background working in, and with, businesses. They love accounting and tech, but most of all they love helping others succeed!

Kelvin Gieck CFA

Kelvin Gieck


"I love small businesses and entrepreneurs. I live and breathe trying to help make them better. I feel fortunate to live in a time and place where I have the opportunity to do just that."


Twyla Verhelst


"I'm committed to empowering bookkeepers and accountants to create the business they desire using the tangible tech tools along with the invaluable intangible tool, their authentic self."