A better way

Many companies make decisions based on their bank balance today. Helm's cash management platform lets you make decisions based on what it will be tomorrow.

Automated cash management

Automatically mapping out your future bank balance, Helm helps answer the question: if I pay for this today, will I have enough cash for that tomorrow?

Use it to pro-actively plan, monitor and maintain your business finances... even let it pay your bills for you. It's a better way to manage your cash.


Get better visibility

Every business wants a better idea of when they are getting paid and how much money they will have in the future.

Helm tells you just that. Worry less about your bank account and spend more time on your business decisions.


Reduce effort

Cash flow forecasts take a lot of time, effort and know how to create and maintain.

Helm automates the forecasting process, greatly reducing the effort required. Using a unique interface, it also makes changes just as quick and easy.


Focus on what matters

Paying bills takes time and can be a pain.

Helm can fully automate your payment process. Create your forecast, monitor and maintain it, and the system will do the rest.


Better your business

Use Helm to automate your cash management. Let it map out your future cash flows. Adjust them quickly and easily. Then watch the system do your work.


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Feature rich platform

Helm combines a number of powerful features to help businesses run better. And we're not stopping here!



Our system integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero to reduce your data punching.


Realistic Assumptions

Helm scans your accounting system and maps out forecast items based on past history.


Forecast Automations

Our forecasts go beyond mapping out AR and AP by predicting future receipts and payments.


Increased Flexibility

While Helm was developed to greatly reduce the heavy lifting, it was also designed to be easily over-ridden where desired.


Intuitive Display

We have developed a unique (patent pending) interface that is significantly faster and more intuitive to end users.



Quickly build multiple scenarios and compare them to your base case at the same time.


Automated Payments

Helm provides a workflow for truly automated payments (patent pending). Forecast your cash position and the system handles the rest.