A fresh new take

There are a lot of apps that help you automate what goes in to an accounting system. Helm's cash management platform helps you automate what comes out.

Automated cash management

Helm automatically maps out your client’s future cash position. Then, it helps you decide who to pay and when… and will even carry out the payment for you.

It's a new take on cash management, and a better one. Use it to provide new insights and build stronger client relationships, all while reducing effort.

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Provide new insights

Most small businesses aren't familiar with cash management. They are, however, very familiar with the pain of a tight bank account.

Implement Helm and be pro-active with your client's cash forecasting and management. Take away their pain.


Build better relationships

Small businesses want real time advice that assists their day to day operations. Cash position is front and center in operational discussions.

Utilize Helm to create financial dialogue around client operations. Provide the exact advice your client desires, communicate more and increase the strength of your relationships.


Save time and effort

Cash flow forecasting is fluid, dynamic and complex. It is time intensive and hard to do with other workflows to carry out.

Leverage Helm's integrations, automations and unique interface to eliminate the heavy lifting. Realize significant time savings.


Eliminate the mundane

A large part of cash management includes paying outstanding bills. Getting approvals, cutting cheques, or initiating electronic payments takes time.

Utilize Helm to fully automate payment processes. Simply create your forecast, monitor it, maintain it and let the system do the rest.


Expand your core stack

Use Helm to manage a key pillar to your client's success: cash flow. Map it out, create more dialogue with your clients and build stronger relationships. Let Helm handle the rest.


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Feature rich platform

Helm combines a number of powerful features to help businesses run better. And we're not stopping here!



Our system integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero to reduce your data punching.


Realistic Assumptions

Helm scans your accounting system and maps out forecast items based on past history.


Forecast Automations

Our forecasts go beyond mapping out AR and AP by predicting future receipts and payments.


Increased Flexibility

While Helm was developed to greatly reduce the heavy lifting, it was also designed to be easily over-ridden where desired.


Intuitive Display

We have developed a unique (patent pending) interface that is significantly faster and more intuitive to end users.



Quickly build multiple scenarios and compare them to your base case at the same time.


Automated Payments

Helm provides a workflow for truly automated payments (patent pending). Forecast your cash position and the system handles the rest.