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What's New With Helm - April 2021

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It’s been a busy start of the year here at Helm, and we’re excited to share with you all that’s been happening!

First, we added two key players to our team - myself (Selina) as a Customer Advocate and Nick, our Account Manager. Our Accelerator Program is officially underway with a strong group of accountants and bookkeepers. And based on their feedback and from all our users, we are rolling out more unique product features that make Helm even more intuitive and easy to use.

Why A Customer Advocate?

Helm could have called it customer support, customer service, customer experience or several other terms that most people take to mean the same thing. But for the Helm, having an advocate on our team is significant. We view the role as a champion for our customers, who will listen to our customers and push our team to make Helm a better software tool. 

I joined the team because our purpose aligns with my “why” - helping others succeed and thrive, particularly small business owners. My background is in communications, hospitality and non-profit, allowing me to understand what our customers are experiencing. I can distill feedback to the team and create educational content for our wider audience.

Meet Nick, Our Account Manager

Adding Nick to our team was an easy decision. An experienced account manager, Nick is quick to understand what accounting professionals, bookkeepers, and business owners need to get things done. His small business background in leveraging new technology to create more efficient processes instantly clicked with our purpose. 

He’s passionate about working with small businesses and has previously worked in the SaaS realm, understanding what it takes for a team to implement new technologies. We’re excited to have him on the team as his energy and work ethic (did we mention he is a triathlete???) keeps the rest of us motivated.

Product Improvements

Making an intuitive and easy-to-use cash planning application is no easy feat. We've really listened to how our existing customers use Helm and have tasked our fantastic development team to make their ideas a reality.

Some of the new and unique things we have been working on:

One-click Forecasting

Cash flow management may seem like it’s all about numbers, but business owners really want to know what their life looks like any time there is a change (which is every day). With this in mind, creating and maintaining cash flow forecasts quickly becomes just as important as the numbers.

We have always had the ability to auto forecast, but we've improved our algorithms and the user experience, giving Helm customers more control. Now, by clicking a single button, you can eliminate report dumps, spreadsheet manipulations and tying everything together with formulas. It's pretty cool.

Single ClickCalendar Timing

We've updated the "math" behind the timing of our auto forecasts and have also improved the way users can add or change the timing of any estimate in Helm.

This really ups the level of sophistication of financial models that can be created. Recurring seasonality estimates, for example, a "how do I?" question we are often asked, can be handled in a few minutes.

Veem Integration

As leaders in the cash flow forecasting and cash management space, our team continually pushes the envelope in what our system can do. Have you been frustrated by the amount of time wasted approving and processing payments once you established a cash plan? Our founders can definitely relate. 

To solve this pain point, we integrated with Veem. After creating a cash flow forecast, Helm users can schedule, approve and pay their accounts payable from the same place.

This feature can save businesses hours of their time every week. But the best part... it also aligns your actions with your business goals.

Veem IntegrationTwo-way Sync (Xero Only)

Our team is all about automating any workflows related to cash flow and cash management. Like the Veem integration, we have built two-way sync with Xero to help make our users’ lives easier.

If you use Xero's expected and planned dates to help map out your future cash flows, this will be a handy tool as it will do it for you!

Did I mention that we like to push the envelope? 😜


Phew! That was a long update! If you're interested in seeing any of these new product updates in action, we walked through them in a live webinar. If you're interested in getting a recording of that webinar just register here.

And as always, happy forecasting!