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Outsourced Controller Bootcamp - May 4th

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Did you know the average bank buffer for most businesses in the US was 27 days pre-COVID. 

That means if revenue stopped, they had less than a month to live.

Proper cash management and payables management is core to any well-run business and a key component of financial management. That's why big companies have controllers!

But what about smaller businesses that can’t afford their own internal team? That’s where you, their trusted advisor, can help by providing outsourced controllership services.

That’s why we’re organizing the Outsourced Controller Bootcamp - a half-day online event designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to price, implement and deliver outsourced controller services to your clients.

Benefits of Controllership Services 

Controllership services like cash flow forecasting, and managing payables, not only provide support for your clients' needs, but they represent an opportunity for you to escape “the grind” that can sometimes come with regular compliance and tax work.

  • Generate higher and more consistent monthly revenue (which is better for your own cash flow)
  • Have higher margins per client once systems & processes are in place
  • Become “indispensable” to your clients and push back against the ‘commoditization’ of accounting & bookkeeping services 

About the Event 

What is it? The Outsourced Controller Bootcamp is a half-day online event to give accountants & bookkeepers the knowledge and tools you need to deliver outsourced controllership services and become indispensable to your clients

The event will be held remotely on Wednesday May 4, 2022 from 9AM MST - 1PM MST (11AM-3PM EST). 

Expert Speakers with Proven Real-World Experience:

Kelvin Gieck, CFA

Kelvin is the co-founder of Twenty Eighty, a top cloud accounting firm in Canada specializing in part-time controller services. Through his work in Twenty Eighty, Kelvin co-founded Helm, a short-term cash flow forecasting tool. 

Catch his session on transitioning to outsourced controller services (9AM MDT).

Kellie Parks, CPB

Kellie is a relentless organizer and believes cloud financial technology is key to organization. She adopted cloud financial technology for her own business in 2009 and now spends much of her day educating Accounting Firms and SMBs. 

Catch her session on keeping clean, consistent bookkeeping files (10AM MDT).

Mark Wickersham, FCA

Mark Wickersham FCA - public speaker and author of the #1 best-selling book “Effective Pricing for Accountants” – is known as the most sought-after profit improvement expert in the accounting & bookkeeping community. 

Catch his session on pricing outsourced controller services (11AM MDT).

Peter Stewart, Senior Sales Manager at Veem 

Join Peter as he discusses the importance of AR management, and discuss solutions leveraging technology and integration to provide a smoother, more efficient, and cost-effective experience for both you and your clients (12PM MDT). 

Book Your Space!

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Have questions, connect with us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email: support@takethehelm.app. 

See you May 4, 2022 for the Outsourced Controller Bootcamp!