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Helm's Partner Accelerator Program

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Following up on the big release of our Veem integration last week, our team here at Helm is excited to make yet another big announcement: the introduction of our Partner Accelerator Program.

What is the Partner Accelerator Program?

We know how much time and effort our cash management solution will save professionals like bookkeepers and accountants. We know how much clients will love having optics around their future cash position. We’ve lived it and breathed it ourselves for years and have seen the benefits first hand.

The mission of the Partner Accelerator Program is simple: impart as much knowledge and help as we possibly can to a small, lucky group of early adopters.

The main goal of these efforts will be: to allow these professionals to rapidly deploy high demand cash flow forecasting and cash management service offerings in 2021… providing a fast and significant ROI and ROE (being return on effort, not equity).

Sounds pretty interesting right?

What will the Partner Accelerator Program look like?

While the core offering of the program will be consistent, it will look completely unique to each professional. We know that every member will be at a unique stage of comfort and skill, and have their own unique clients and workloads. Because of that, we will be tailoring it to every member's situation.

The key benefits to our accelerator members will be:

  • A customized implementation plan - where we will help you build an internal system and process for cash flow forecasting and cash management services
  • Tailored onboarding assistance - where we will help you setup and create initial cash plans for your clients
  • Ongoing coaching - where we will assist with any ongoing questions around your cash management service offerings
  • A private, cash flow centric community - where you can connect with like minded professionals
  • Online exposure - where we will highlight your practice in our social channels and digital content
  • Roadmap input - where members will be able to help guide the buildout of Helm to make it even better

And of course, you will get all of this with significant, lifetime discounts.

What will the key results of the Partner Accelerator Program be?

We’re putting this program together because we know it will have a big impact on the bookkeepers, accountants and consultants that take part. The key results will be:

  • Better client engagement
  • Stronger client relationships
  • More revenue
  • All with significant time savings

Seeing how this will change the partners that participate?… that’s what’s getting us really excited about this program!