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What’s New With Helm - June 2020 Feature Update

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Our M.O. at Helm has always been to make complex cash flow decisions as simple and easy as is possible for business owners and professionals, alleviating financial anxieties while saving valuable time.

If you’ve logged into your account recently you have seen some substantial changes to Helm’s interface and how the app works. In line with our M.O. it is now faster, more intuitive and even easier to use.

Without sounding too cliche… cash planning has never been this simple!



What’s New

Our recent efforts have focussed on opening up the information in Helm, making interactions even easier and more efficient. We did this by:

  • Creating new views for your information;
  • Building “on the fly” editing capabilities; and,
  • Developing unique bulk editing functionality (and solving a major pain point in short term cash flow forecasting systems in the process)

With Helm’s new drawer views you now have direct access to your forecasting logic. Your information isn’t hidden on another page or in another drilldown. You can intuitively see all of it at a glance, and you can even group it into more sensible blocks if you need to.When combined with our new “on the fly” editing capabilities, these new views allow you to tweak your forecasting plans extremely quickly, with very few tedious drilldowns or clicks.Mentioned above, our most exciting addition in this feature release however is our new bulk editing capabilities. Extremely unique, these tools allow you to make mass changes to your forecasts in mere clicks. Want to know what your bank balance would look like if every customer paid every single one of their invoices to you in 30 days as opposed to 60? You can now run that calculation on hundreds of invoices with only four mouse clicks.How long would this take in a spreadsheet? We haven’t officially run the tests yet, but suffice to say, bulk editing will save you an unbelievable amount of time when setting up and changing your cash plans and “what if” scenarios.

What’s Coming Next

All of these improvements are iterations toward our bigger vision. We are on a mission to create bookkeeping and accounting automations that will greatly simplify business routines and save countless hours for our users each week (if not every day). So enjoy what we’ve added… we’ll have more great features coming your way soon!