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3 ways Helm can help you to forecast your cash flow in less time

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Chances are if you're reading this you’ve felt the pain of managing cash in spreadsheets. 

Exporting and importing data, manually creating forecasting rules, playing around with complex models whilst trying to create simple scenarios.

Despite how manual and time consuming spreadsheets might be, they’re often the easiest option for business owners & advisors looking to create a simple forecast.

That’s where Helm comes in…

Helm was born out of an accounting firm from accountants who wanted a quicker way to help their clients manage their cash and improve collaboration. 

Built with these experiences top of mind, Hem prioritizes clarity, speed and accuracy, so you or your clients can make informed decisions without having to spend hours or days in spreadsheets. 

Let's dive into some of the ways Helm does that! 

1. Automated Data Sync

I was recently speaking with an agency owner who was paying his bookkeeper to manually export data from his Quickbooks Online account and paste it into his cash flow forecast…

Every week!

Not only is this a huge time drain, it’s also a cost that can be avoided!

In Helm, you can start saving time right from your first click.

Helm automatically pulls in your accounting data from Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Sage Accounting (UK). That means no more manually sourcing bank accounts, accounts payable and accounts receivable information to create a forecast, it's all immediately there in Helm. 



Not only that, it will continue to keep your forecast up to date every single day.

Go from company setup to your first forecast in less than 5 minutes! Don't believe us, watch it in real time here

2. Easy to understand visual interface 

Creating the forecast is the first part, but the ongoing maintenance and testing of different scenarios is where the real value lies.

Another reason using spreadsheets can be so time consuming is because of how difficult testing and adjusting different scenarios can be. Spreadsheets will have you switching tabs and manually creating and re-creating different forecast scenarios for your business or client. 

Helm skips this cluckiness and makes testing scenarios simple and quick thanks to its visual design. 

Want to immediately see the impact a change in payment day makes? Use Helm’s drag and drop interface and see the difference in real time.

Want to see what life would like if you hired a new team member next month, or invested in new stock next week? Compare multiple scenarios side by side at the same time and see where your business is headed no matter what happens. 

Helm also offers a second and third viewing option so you can manage your money how you want. It's just one click to transition from Helm’s default visual transactions view to a more traditional column based forecast read out, or to view a line by line transaction listing of your forecast. 

3. Health score 

Sometimes you need to drill down into individual transactions and test scenarios, other times you just want to know what's happening in your business at a glance.

Helm’s dashboard and health score let you do just that. 

The Health Score immediately shows you the state of your business or clients business(es). Clicking on an individual company will show their dashboard which includes the state of: Cash Available, Net Receivables, Potential Cash, Cash Flow, AR to AP gap and Cash Buffer.

These metrics give you a high level overview of the state of the company and the icons and tooltips help guide areas of improvements. You can use these to quickly highlight any important focus areas, without spending ages trawling through your forecast. 

Confident Cash Management (in a fraction of the time)

Helm lets you deliver forecasts in less time and confidently manage your cash. Plus with extra features like scenario planning and an intuitive visual design it makes collaboration quick and easy. 

Ready to see how Helm can help cash management in your business or for your clients? Start your free 15 day trial now!