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“Within a few hours, I was able to learn the program, dial in a clients cash flow position, and begin guiding them to a profitable outcome. The graphical output makes sense to clients instantly.” -  Michael Braun - Upfront Consulting

Ditch the spreadsheets and create an impact

Helm was born from advisory firm where it's being used to help clients succeed on a daily basis. It reduces the work, so you can focus on what matters: planning, advising and collaborating.


Save hours of time manually forecasting

Wave goodbye to manual forecasting in spreadsheets and spend more time helping your clients with business-critical operational decisions.

Automated short term cash flow forecasting

Give your clients a clear plan of attack

Helm predicts future receipts and payments using realistic assumptions from your client’s data, allowing you to predict their cash balance to the day


Predict your cash flow balance to the day

Easily communicate the forecast to your clients

Visual and intuitive displays make it easy for your clients to understand. Collaborate with them in real-time by updating the forecast using Helm’s drag-and-drop interface

Visual and intuitive cash flow forecast

Unlimited scenarios in a risk-free environment

Quickly and easily create multiple scenarios. Allow your clients to explore different scenarios themselves, freeing up your time to recommend the best path forwards


Unlimited scenarios in cash flow forecast

See your client's cash flow health at a glance

With Helm's Healthscore Dashboard, you can see your clients' key indicators at a glace, and reach out proactively when things start to change.

Helm health score dashboard

Simple forecasting, even simpler pricing

All Helm plans come with unlimited users so that you and your team can collaborate at no extra cost!

1 client 2-5 clients More clients?

$ 49
per client / per mo

$ 32
per client / per mo

$ ?
per client / per mo
Everything included
Automated forecasting
Helm Health Dashboard
Integrations with Xero, QB, Sage, Veem
Unlimited scenarios
Unlimited users
Onboarding assistance

Earn higher fees & build value with Cash Flow Advisory

We know the impact Helm has had with clients, and we’re here to help you do the same. Our proven education and support options lead the pack based on real-world results.

community and coaching

[Programme] The Cash Flow Advisory Accelerator

Fast track your success (and your client's) with education, coaching, and accountability to help you implement, deliver & scale cash flow advisory services.

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Custom implementation

[Course] Cash Flow Advisory Lite

Learn the entire process of short-term cash flow forecasting and build the foundations of your successful Cash Flow Advisory offering in this self-paced course.

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