Make confident business decisions with numbers you can trust


Helm lets you see your future cash position in real-time, so you can make confident business decisions without wasting hours planning in spreadsheets.

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Seamlessly integrates with your accounting software

Helm makes cash management and cash flow forecasting easy. Here's how...


Automated forecasts in minutes

Stop wasting time crunching numbers in spreadsheets, and spend more time running your business. Helm syncs with your accounting software to create automated cash flow forecasts in real-time.

Automated short term cash flow forecasting

Numbers you can trust

Want to know how much cash you'll have in your bank next week? Helm makes predictions and creates cash flow forecasts based on your data.


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Manage your cash in one place

Cash flow management made simple. Track your bank balances, loans, accounts receivable and accounts payable all within Helm. Plus make payments directly from Helm with Veem 

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Find quick answers to every 'what if'?

Can I afford to hire next quarter? How will inflation impact my costs? Test unlimited scenarios side-by-side, so you can confidently make decisions regardless of what happens.


Unlimited scenarios in your cash flow forecast

Easy to understand

Clear and accurate cash flow data. Helm's visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop display makes it easy for you to see what's happening, and the actions you need to take.

Visual and intuitive cash flow forecast

Trusted by businesses and their advisors

Michael Braun
I absolutely love Helm's intuitive design and the graphical output makes sense to clients instantly. Customer support has been stellar.
Michael Braun
Upfront Consulting
Trinity Scott
It was very intuitive to learn to use, and the set up doesn't take an overwhelming amount of time, either.
Trinity Scott
T3 Bookkeeping
Kenji K
Lots of forecasting software is pretty complex and time-consuming to set up. Not Helm. Quick setup and really nice user interface.
Kenji Kuramoto

For Business Owners

The cash flow forecasting app built specifically to help businesses make confident decisions.

Cash management shouldn't take hours. We make it quick & simple for you to manage your cash and keep the doors open.

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For Accountants & Bookkeepers

Help your clients make better business decisions with clear cash flow insights. 

Helm is here to support you with software and training proven to help you build more meaningful and valuable relationships.

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Take the Helm, and start managing your cash with confidence.

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Are you looking for help managing your cash flow & finances? We have a network of accountants & bookkeepers that are Certified Helm Advisors that can help. 


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