Simple & flexible short-term cash flow forecasting

Helm makes it easy for you to predict your future cash balance so that you manage your cash flow and make better business decisions, faster!

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Integrates seamlessly with your accounting software

Quickbooks integration (1) Xero integration Sage integration Veem integration

Helm makes short-term cash flow forecasting easier. Here's how...


Less time manually forecasting in spreadsheets

And more time running your business knowing exactly how much cash you'll have with automated short-term cash flow forecasting.

Automated short term cash flow forecasting

Accurately predict your future cash balance to the day

Helm predicts future receipts and payments using realistic assumptions from your previous accounting data allowing you to make important decisions.


Predict cash balance with cash flow forecast

Easily understand what your forecast is saying

Don't get lost in the numbers. Visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop displays so that you can use Helm on your terms and quickly make decisions based on the data.

Visual and intuitive cash flow forecast

Test unlimited scenarios in a risk-free environment

Quickly and easily create unlimited scenarios so that you can understand what will happen if things do or don't go to plan.


Unlimited scenarios in your cash flow forecast

Trusted by small businesses and their advisors

Michael Braun
I absolutely love Helm's intuitive design and the graphical output makes sense to clients instantly. Customer support has been stellar.
Michael Braun
Upfront Consulting
Trinity Scott
It was very intuitive to learn to use, and the set up doesn't take an overwhelming amount of time, either.
Trinity Scott
T3 Bookkeeping
Kenji K
Lots of forecasting software is pretty complex and time-consuming to set up. Not Helm. Quick setup and really nice user interface.
Kenji Kuramoto

For Accountants & Bookkeepers

Born out of an accounting firm, Helm is here to support you on your Cash Flow Advisory journey with software and training proven to help you build better relationships, have more meaningful conversations, and create more value.

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For Small Business Owners

Built specifically for our small business clients, we understand the challenges of getting paid and paying bills on time, so we make it simple for you to manage your cash flow and keep the doors open.

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Take the Helm in your business and manage your cash flow better.